8-year-old girl’s best friend is 11 feet tall dragon, in lockdown and friendship lasting

Inbar, an 8-year-old Israeli girl, swims with an 11-foot-long dragon. She is often seen swimming with the dragon in the small swimming pool of her packyard. This dragon is his pet. But, the friendship of both of them is in awe.

According to a Reuters report, Inbar lives with her family in the Animal Sanctuary of an agricultural community in Israel. She has been associated with animals since childhood because of being there. The dragon is one of her pets and her name is Belle.

When the corona virus was locked, Belle remained the only friend of this girl. The two spend time together. The friendship of both is very deep.
Inbar’s mother Sarit Rijev said, Inbar has grown between such snakes and many animals. Whenever he took a bath in childhood, Belle used to stay with him. Now that both have grown up, they live together. This is normal for us.

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