Cashew-almond price down

With the arrival of new goods and the rate fell – Rajiv Batra, who has been trading nuts for several generations in Delhi, told News18 Hindi in a special conversation that before the lockdown, dry fruits had become expensive by 20 percent. This is the time when old goods are running out and preparations are made for the arrival of new crops. But after the lockdown, the prices of nuts started falling. This rate fell because the customer was not in the market and the warehouses were full. While, due to the preparation of Diwali, such rates increase, but this time it turned upside down.

10 days ago and now rate-
American almonds came in at 900 to 660 rupees per kg.
Now 520 to 580 rupees is being sold.
Cashew came from 1100 to 950 rupees per kg.
Now 660 to 710 rupees is being sold.
Raisins came in 400 to 350 rupees per kg.
Now 200 to 230 rupees a kg is being sold.

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