Coronavirus found in the eye 2 months after recovery in 64-year-old Chinese woman, woman suffering from pain underwent surgery twice

Another peculiar case of corona has been reported in China. An older 64-year-old woman recovered from Corona. Two months later, coronavirus was found in his eye. This case is very much discussed in China. It has also been proved in many research that one should be alerted on seeing redness or swelling in the eyes. These can be symptoms of corona. Read the full story of that woman.

Woman infected in January
The woman was admitted to the hospital on January 31, 2020 after showing symptoms of dry cough for five consecutive days and diarrhea for nine days. She was also troubled by fever. Chest CT scan showed the effect of lung infection. The sample was then taken from his nose and corona was confirmed during the investigation. However, no serious problems were seen during that period, nor was there any problem in the eyes.

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