People arrived in the village for ‘gold’ biscuits, competition to loot, people took torches

What will you do when you hear that it is raining from the sky? If you lie somewhere nearby, you will not reach the battar. This has happened in Surat, Gujarat, where things like gold bricks fell from the sky on Thursday night in Dummus village near Surat airport. As soon as people got a clue, everyone ran to rob them.

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Unique incident away from Surat airport
Some people got these things. These were gold biscuits, somewhere in Uttar Pradesh, they were also called gold bricks. Villagers in Surat found them lying on the streets and in the bushes around the village. Many villagers said that this would have happened because someone would have brought gold from abroad and thrown it down from the plane flying in the night for fear of being caught by security at the airport.

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