The girl was feeding the shark, instead the water dragged inside

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A video is becoming quite viral on social media. A woman was trying to feeding the shark on the beach. At the same time, the shark came and attacked the woman. The water pulled him inside. People nearby saved him. Otherwise a big accident could have happened. Melissa Bruning, a resident of Perth, went to Dugong shore to celebrate the holidays. Where she was trying to feed something to the shark.At the time, Melissa was standing on the yart. At the same time, 3 to 4 sharks reached there. Melissa’s friends were standing behind and recording the video. At the same time, the shark came and pulled Melissa’s leg. At the same time, his friend pulled Melissa.

Giving information about the incident to Perth Now, the 34-year-old woman said- “I could not understand anything at that time.” I thought my bone had come out. This accident happened in late May. He said- As soon as I came out, I felt my finger had gone. My fingers have disappeared. “But his finger did not disappear.

Significantly, there were cuts, fractures in his body. After which he decided to take a 2-week holiday. Because they thought that it would be cured on its own. After returning from vacation, Melissa went straight to the doctor and now her finger is improving.

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